Support Program
At DSKL we are committed to supporting each individual student. Therefore, in addition to support in the subject lessons, every child will receive individual fostering and challenging support. Thus, DSKL provides opportunities for student learning and experience, develops basic skills for independent learning, aims at balancing deficits and offers support for students with diverse learning requirements. DSKL places great importance on recognizing and fostering particularly gifted students.

In order to ensure optimum student support, special time slots for students of Years 1 to 7 are reserved in the morning time table for special support in German as a Second Language, as well as German, Mathematics, English and French upon consultation with the respective subject teachers. Particularly gifted and motivated students can attend sessions in MINT, Arts and English.

Language immersion sessions and activities such as ‘Grab a Book’ are particularly arranged for Primary School students, whereas learning sessions are integrated into the time table of Secondary I students, when students may attend to their homework tasks and complete them at school.