Community Service

Social work forms an integral part of DSKL's school experience. All students of Years 10 and 11 are expected to engage in community service in social organizations to help the less fortunate. Through their engagement students will learn how to think outside the box and adopt passion, tolerance and respect for others. In order to deliver results and leave a lasting impression, we strive to build and maintain strong relationships with each organization.

Year 10 students are required to complete 30 hours of social work during the academic year, whilst for Year 11 students the service comprises 15 hours per school year. The social work programme goes hand in hand with our school image. Enrolling in DSKL means students and their parents will make a commitment to community service engagement and support.

Students may independently choose their own organisation or pursue one of the school's proposals. We recommend dedicating oneself to one organisation in order to build sustainable relationships and gain a deeper understanding of other people and their immediate living conditions.