Higher Education and Careers Advisory Service

Our services provide students with essential resources and guidance for their university studies and career choices.

Definite ideas about the ideal life, assessing one's own capabilities and skills, strengths and weaknesses all feed into a student's independent and competent decisions about their future. In order to make these choices, information on vocational training and university programs is essential. Some first-hand valuable experiences in the professional sector are always helpful too.

Hence, we offer various events and opportunities through our current advisory and preparatory concept based on four pillars as outlined below:

  • Individual advice on degree and job prospects
  • Career guidance events
  • Facilitate experiential learning through field experience in the working world
  • Comprehensive information materials

Individual consultations take place by means of the GEVA-Test, which is introduced in Year 10. This online test exposes students to their first career prospects to inform them about their capabilities and interests. In Year 11, these skills will be further explored in depth at the Career Information Days in Singapore. This is where students will receive intensive guidance and training in regards to their career and university choice. Students will undergo a work placement in Year 9 to gather practical experience.

We maintain close links with numerous German and international educational institutions that regularly provide us with useful resources free of charge for students and parents.