Our Community

At the German School Kuala Lumpur we are a very committed multicultural community. Our dedicated and highly qualified academic staff members are predominantly recruited from German-speaking countries and are supported by young assistants. As we are a private school abroad we operate independently as well in the management and administrative area. Our own administration and management organize and manage school related matters independently whereas in Germany, such affairs are primarily organized by relevant authorities.

The School Board, which is elected on an honorary basis, is responsible for the overall governance of the school, representing the interest of its members in strategic terms. Moreover, the Parent Representative Council is actively involved in school life and provides the link between parent representatives and the management. The students are also actively organized through the Student Representative Council and thus bringing their innovative ideas and also concerns forward to the relevant committees.   

Here it is particularly noteworthy that apart from the aforementioned committees and full-time staff members, our school community is distinguished by the many friends and supporters acting behind the scenes. This is the only way to succeed in outstanding and successful events that we are particularly proud of.