School Program

In Primary School we aim at meeting our student’s diverse learning requirements by providing a wide selection of fostering and challenging programs. In this endeavour we are supported by our teaching assistants. Such fostering and challenging sessions are particularly recommended by our special education teacher for children with special educational needs but also for especially gifted children.

Students with first language other than German will attend lessons of German as a Foreign Language for three hours per week. These lessons are taught in small learning groups. Apart from these language lessons, the children will also engage in language immersion programs twice a week in afternoon sessions. The English language is already taught as part of the curriculum from Year 1 onwards. In Years 3 and 4 it will be taught at two levels.

The fourth session of the Primary School timetable is reserved for the fostering and challenging programs on offer. Apart from the language learning support program mentioned earlier, students may also choose reading support, German and mathematics tuition and focus sessions for further enhancing their skills. 

If the need arises we can assist you in organizing speech therapy sessions for your child. This special support will be integrated into the regular time table whenever possible.