The German School of Kuala Lumpur (DSKL) is a non-profit private institution run by the Society Persatuan Sekolah Jerman Malaysia (Deutscher Schulverein Malaysia). It provides education for students from Kindergarten including Preschool (1 year) to Primary School (4 years) and thereafter Secondary School (8 years) which leads to the German University Entrance Qualification "DIAP" (Deutsches Internationales Abitur).

DSKL offers three leaving school certificates:

  • German University Entrance Qualification (DIAP)
  • Year 10 Exam (Realschulabschluss, Mittlere Reife)
  • Year 9 Exam (Hauptschulabschluss)

The school is recognized by the Conference of the Ministers of Culture of the 16 States of the Federal Republic of Germany which means that all report cards and final exams are recognized in the same way as those of the public schools in Germany. The school is subsidized financially and with qualified personnel by the German Authorities,

The German school is also supported by the ‘Central Organisation of German Schools Abroad’ (Zentralstelle für Auslandsschulwesen). It assists the school in its systematic enforcement of further development within the frame of pedagogic quality management. In school year 2009/2010 and 2014/2015 the school was certified as "Excellent German School Abroad" after a thorough evaluation by a German Federal School Inspection Team.

The following pages are available in English:

Dr. Ulrich Mayer

Mayer Ulrich Portrait

Schulleiter / Principal


Abitur in Malaysia