19.06.2017 Projektwoche

It is a tradition to finish the school year with a week of projects, "Projektwoche". The topic this year was Meine Welt und ich.

During the week students take part in projects of their choice, guided by their teachers. Each project with its own theme and objective gives the students the opportunity to learn, experience, bond with different students from different age groups and also to work with different teachers and to work in different environment. This year the spectrum was big, allowing students to perform in cultural, sport, games, art, filmmaking, exploration and even poetry activities. One highlight was to open the doors to Malaysian schools to integrate, collaborate and share ideas with one another and support community awareness.

This year we had all together 10 projects:

  • "Meine Welt und Ich" is getting to know a little bit more of Malaysia. With Geocaching, students became geocachers and went out to the city, walked around with GPS and compass and sought the cache!
  • A school exchange was made with the Choir where students from DSKL and SMK Sri Sentosa School sang together a beautiful German and Malay repertoire.
  • Deep in culture, Poetry Slam was organized to write creative poems and stories and to perform them to the audience with the cooperation of Mitch Miller and 10 students from SMK Damansara Utama.
  • We enjoyed a trip on the Klia Express with mystery and murder included. Fortunately Ms. Poirot was there to solve it!
  • "Meine Welt und Ich" is my environment, my world that I want to protect. In Eco versus Ego, a local eco farm was visited and different environmental issues were presented.
  • DSKL has a new look, a green look where artists and talented students created an Urban Garden on their own.
  • "Meine Welt und Ich" is sports. Some New Sports were offered at school: archery, cricket and Budokon yoga etc. We saw some incredible yoga positions!
  • In Let's Dance we had dance performances mainly by primary school students including super make-up and costumes.
  • Du bist was Du isst allowed students to research about what we eat and if it is healthy enough and they even measured their BMI.
  • "Meine Welt und Ich" is Spiele. Kids and adults should never stop playing! Throughout the week, the group played a vast number of games, ranging from board, card, physical and mental games also creating rules and regulations to adapt to the different age groups. It was pure fun!!
  • Finally "Meine Welt und Ich" is Dreams of Freedom. Creative images and interviews about freedom were put together to make short video clips. Students showed interest, passion and creativity in voicing their thought on freedom.

A fun, interesting, creative and cooperative Project Week to end a great school year 2016/2017!


Text: Eugénie Zander, Mallika Terhorst-Muthusamy
Fotos: Gregor Hornig, Jana Eggert