28.06.2018 Projektwoche001Project Week

Project Week at Deutsch Schule Kuala Lumpur is an important part of an academic curricular which is set apart to recognize education not only takes place in the classroom but also outdoors. It is a time students are able to eliminate the borderline between students and teachers and across different levels of age groups.

Our Project Week was conducted on the last week of the school year from the 25th of June till 28th of June 2018. During the week students were given opportunity for learning, growth, improve self-confidence and having fun.

The theme of the this year´s Project Week was “A world of Changes”. There were approximately 10 projects, offering a wide variety of activities in the arts, music, service and outdoors. They were “Trash Heroes beim Geocaching”, “A world of Creativity”, “A world of Changes“, Fotografieren, “The Change on 0905!!”, “Malaysia und Kuala Lumpur im Wandel der Zeit,” “Tier und Mensch im Einklang”, “Change the world to a better place- Sports with Chin Kids”, “Old is Gold- Malaysian Playground Games”, “School Band” and grade 11 students organized their own project “Der Wechsel zwischen Schul- und Studiumsleben”.

Students challenged themselves in many ways, trying new things, stretching their physical and/or creative limits in their chosen projects. With the guidance of the teachers and experts, they worked closely with one another, sharing their thoughts and cooperating with the group members.
On the final day, all project groups presented their product and results to the school community. They were in the form of posters, video recording, photo gallery, theater and live band performances. It was a wonderful, lively, interesting educational experience for all participants and visitors. In accordance with our school´s vision, Project Week actively promotes intellectual and social skills and helps prepare well rounded persons of the future.


Text: M. Terhorst-Muthusamy
Fotos: E. Zander